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Good Looking + Humor = Best Overall?

Last week, final nominations were announced for the 2008 Okie Blog Awards.  The Lost Ogle is a finalist in the following THREE categories:

    • Best Overall Blog
    • Best Humor Blog
    • Best Looking Blog

Did you notice that I emphasized THREE?  That's because we are only one of two blogs to be a finalist in three categories.  The other one is some site called "Rocks in My Dryer."  It seems to be the exact opposite "” and about 1,000 times more popular "” than us.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Besides our amazing nominations, some of our Honorary Ogles were nominated for awards, too.  They are:

Bee-Spot for Best Humor Blog.  I still think the only reason Blythe got this nomination was due to the semi-nude picture she took of herself and her friends playing Twister in the Walker Center at OCU. Pictures of semi-nude girls playing Twister always makes me chuckle.

The Irritated Tulsan for Best Humor Blog and Best Unusual Blog. Jerry should be a lock for the most Unusual Blog, but Best Humor Blog?  You think that this 'humor' would come out more in his Tulsa Tuesday posts. 

Oklahoma Rock for Best Audio Blog. I assumed this category was for podcasts, but I guess it meant music.  Since Ryan actually lets himself be quoted by Clark Matthews, we give our vote to him.

Red Dirt Kings for Best Looking and Best Culture Blog.  The Red Dirt Kings are up against us in the Best Looking category, so they don't have a chance in that one.  Everyone knows we are the best looking bloggers in OKC.  That's the real reason why we have so many groupies.

Miss Wisabus for Best Writing Blog.  Miss Wisabus doesn't post pictures of her friends playing Twister.  She just writes about it really really well.

Bill Kumpe Private Blog for Best Private Blog.  Yeah, this category doesn't exist.  But if it did, I swear to Gary England that I would vote for Mr. Kumpe.

Anyway, good luck to all of our Honorary Ogles, and congratulations to all the blogs that were nominated for an award.  Last year we were nominated in a couple of categories and came away empty handed.  If that happens again this year we'll probably just start posting recipes and writing about our children and the fun little life lessons we learn while living in pretty little Oklahoma.  We'll also start riding horses and photographing homemade vases made from Clark Matthews pottery wheel.  We'll also start writing poems and reopen the Justice League of Oklahoma.

So, yeah, vote for us.

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