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12:17 AM EST on December 17, 2008

Earlier this week, we were emailed a couple of PDFs that showed the "Top 100 Blogs" at The blogs were sorted by page view statistics, and were sent via two different emails from Web Editor Nick Tankersley.  The first one showed blogs 1-50, while the second contained blogs 51-100.  This second email also contained this uplifting message:

Here is the list continued for those of you who didn't see your blog in the top 50.  Remember, many of the top blogs have been active since January.

Seriously, was the second email even warranted?  Nick makes it seem like some sad little NewsOK writer couldn't find their blog in the Top 50 and wanted to know where they stood.  Something tells me that somebody was either Mr. Monday or this creepy guy, who until today wrote the 99th most visited blog at NewsOK.

When you look at the stats, you learn that all the NewsOK blogs combined have received about 1.5 million page views over the past year.  During that same time span, we have had about 1.3 million page views.  Granted, we're about 200,000 off, but I think it's neat (and possibly sad) that a little blog created by three idiots can get about as much traffic as 100 blogs backed by the state's leading provider of news and information.

Anyway, enough of my ego boosting rambling, here are the Top 10 most viewed blogs (per page views) at NewsOK.  (To view the complete list of 100, click here.)

1. BAM's Blog "¢   215,756 Page Views
2. Berry Trammel's Blog "¢   144,920  Page Views
3. OKC Central "¢   128,299  Page Views
4. Nerdage Blog "¢   127,641  Page Views
5. NBA in OKC "¢   87,962  Page Views
6. OU Sooners "¢   81,617  Page Views
7. OSU Cowboys "¢   48,939 Page Views
8. Television Blog "¢   42,813 Page Views
9. High School Sports Blog "¢   40,985 Page Views
10. Parties Extra! "¢   40,598 Page Views

After the jump, check out our two cents on the Top 10, what we think about the Top 100, and how awesome we think it is that The Ladies Room came in at Number 69.

The Top 10:

"¢ Until I got my hands on the report, I had never been to BAM's Blog.  After going there, I doubt I'll ever go back.  Apparently, it is the "entertainment" blog at NewsOK.  Ironically enough, entertainment is the one thing it lacks.  It's about as fun as getting drunk and watching a Forensic Files marathon.

Berry Trammel and Steve Lackmeyer have the two best blogs at NewsOK, so it's good that they are in the Top 3.  For fun, though, they should convert Trammel's blog to an evil message board.  They should also change Steve's blog from to  Seriously, Steve Lackmeyer is so obsessed with downtown that he has wet dreams about building codes, urban renewal and Ron Norick.  I've heard rumors that he's already paid a suicidal midget to jump off the Devon Tower just he can be the first to cover the story.

The Nerdage Blog is about "Comic Books, Video Games, Action Figures, and Geek Culture."  Come on, was adding "Geek Culture" really necessary?  This site even has something called the "Hobbit Blog" in its blogroll.  This site makes Clark Matthews look as cool as the high school quarterback.

"¢Blogs 5-9 are boring.  Although it's kind of neat to see NBA beat writer Darnell Mayberry getting some pub.  Everytime I read a Darnell Mayberry column I picture him, Al Eschbach and Andrew Gilman practicing double dutch.  It makes me warm and fuzzy.

The Top 100:

Dave Morris finished 14th and Jenni Carlson finished 15th.  I'm not sure which is scarier, Dave Morris having 50 followers on Twitter or having 30,000+ page views on his blog.  Also, for someone who told the Gazette how easy blogging truly is, you think Jenni would have more readers. And go ahead and insert your own "Dave on top of Jenni" sex joke.  I don't want to create that visual.  Oops.  I may have.

The Oklahoma Interns blog came in at number 23.  Imagine being an intern at a place that's laying off people in droves.  That would suck.  At least you get a blog out of the deal.

Joel David's blog was number 31. Joel David is the "humor" columnist for LOOK at OKC.  You may have noticed that I put the word "humor" in quotes.  I did this because his columns lack the humor they are supposed to deliver.  Joel would be better off writing obituaries or market reports, because those are the only things sadder than his columns.

"¢ Number 56 was something called the JackieJack!!! Blog.  I think it's written by the alternative chick from the Ladie's Room.  It hasn't been updated in over a year, but it still came in at number 56.  I have no clue why she quit writing, especially with golden posts like this:

I know I seem to blog about this a lot lately but it's just such an amazing feeling. I am so blessed!!!!! I love my job. I really, really do. I produce podcasts and audio for The Oklahoman a.k.a OPUBCO Communications. I just really enjoy what I do. I work with the most amazing group of people ever. We have grown into a great little work family. I honestly get excited to go to work. I never thought I would ever feel this way about a place of employment. But you see that's exactly it. This is not just a place of employment for me. It's a place of excitement, fun, and friendship. I love it.

"¢ Ed Kelley's Blog came in at Number 86.  Good.

"¢ Blog number 87 is something called "Fantasy Island with Chase Colston."  It's received 649 page views and  looks to be some sort of fantasy football advice blog.  No offense to Chase, but I don't trust the "experts" at ESPN, FOX Sports, etc. when it come to Fantasy analysis, so why would I trust some guy who's not located on the Oklahoman's "contact us" page.

That being said, I do like how Chase wrote his blog to an audience of fictional readers.  He did the obligatory "been on hiatus" post and even wrote this:

In an attempt to save some sort of my reputation (what little of it there is), we're not going to reflect on last week's predictions. Partly because I'm late, but mostly because I think I dropped my brain somewhere in Bricktown. It wasn't pretty.

So what better way than to start off a Week 9 preview than with some big-time bold predictions?

Seriously, five people read that, and he probably worked with all five people.  Consider the "reputation" safe.

So that's all I have on these amazing 100 blogs.  What are your thoughts?  Tell us and leave a comment.  Who knows, maybe one of these NewsOK Bloggers will read it.

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