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Billy Sims is a f*cktard…

12:25 AM EST on December 16, 2008

Yeah, I know this is late, but if you're still wondering why most people think Billy Sims is an idiotic f*cktard, just watch the video below.

Hint: He's the tool yelling "Boomer" every two seconds.

If you still need more convincing on how big of a screw up Sims is, just read this USA Today article.  At least he didn't steal another person's spotlight with the article. Who knows, maybe Steve Owens can buy the article from USA Today and remove it from the Internets.

UPDATE: Here is what Billy said to The Oklahoman:

"I hear I've been getting some bad press, that I say "˜Boomer Sooner' too much," Sims said during Monday's black-tie Heisman award ceremony at the New York Hilton before leading the event's public benefit auction. "In no way did I mean to upstage Sam's night. I love Oklahoma so much, and I try to be a spokesman for the university. I will never, ever stop saying "˜Boomer.'

"But I apologize to the Bradford family and the Heisman Trust if I crossed a boundary. Sam's dad, Kent, was a teammate of mine and was part of my Heisman season. That's why I was so happy for Sam."

Thank you, Billy Sims.  Because of you, I'm now rooting against any player from my favorite team to win the Heisman Trophy.  Also, I'm boycotting your stupid BBQ restaurant.

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