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Another AMAZING Video…

If you only do one thing this week, you have to watch this video from NewsOK. After that, you're free to do pretty much whatever you want, like email it to your friends, play it again with your speakers turned up real loud, or grab a tissue to dry up those tears falling from your eyes.

Seriously, how in the world does this stuff make it out of the studio, much less onto the website of our state's unofficial official newspaper. One explanation would be that Dave Morris is the Director of Video for OPUBCO, but it's too easy to blame Dave for this. I would say that whoever let this get out just really hates their job, and has an insanely awesome sense of humor.

Also, I nominate Brandon Chatmon to be the new Public Address announcer for the Thunder. Anyone would be an upgrade over that "MONSTER TRUCK SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY" tool they currently have doing the PA, plus he already has a catchphrase: "To the hizzaye!"

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