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OkieDoke goes too far…

9:00 AM EST on December 2, 2008


Yesterday, the Irritated Tulsan sent an email informing us that OkieDoke didn't approve of the "candid" pictures that we posted of Blake Griffin. Curious, I went to OkieDoke to check it out. Here's what he said:

"Lost Ogle Goes too Far."

As a dedicated Sooner basketball fan, I wouldn't even post (the Griffin pics) if I weren't so shocked and disgusted.

Hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but how in the world can OkieDoke complain about pictures of Blake Griffin wearing a dress when on the front page of his blog under "okiedoke snapshots" he has a picture of a baby breast feeding. Seriously, as a 101% heterosexual male with (hopefully) no kids, about the only thing I can think of that's grosser than a picture of baby breast feeding is the thought of a 50 year old male blogger searching for pictures of a baby breast feeding to post on his blog. That and midgets. Obviously.

Anyway, the breast feeding baby isn't the only picture on OkieDoke's "Okiedoke Snapshots" that freaked me out. Apparently, the feature rotates through pictures each time you refresh a page at the blog. I know this because when I tried to go back to the site to get the gross picture above, I was instead greeted by this one:


Yep, breast feeding babies and ghey shirtless black guys staring afar is what OkieDoke considers an Oklahoma snapshot. If you ask me, that's "going too far." It's like the only thing missing from OkieDoke is a picture of the blog author urinating or an image of BJ Wexler watching vintage 1970s porn on the OETA Movie Club set. Actually, the last one would be kind of cool.

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