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Welcome Journal Record readers! All 27 of you…

9:18 AM EST on November 26, 2008


In his column in today's Journal Record, managing editor Ted Streuli writes about 10 things that he is thankful for. Coming at number six on the list is The Lost Ogle. We rank behind lawyers, newspapers and several energy companies, and come in one spot ahead of Sarah Palin. Here is what Ted said:

6. The Lost Ogle. If they don't make my list they'll probably make fun of my list, and the fact that they'll do that sort of thing is why they're on my list. It's what makes them funny. Consolation points to Amy McRee and Gary England for unwittingly making The Lost Ogle The Lost Ogle. Besides, when they took a poll of which newspaper sucked most, this one finished last. That, my friends, is praise of the highest order.

Yeah, I guess that's pretty cool. I've always kind of liked The Journal Record, because even though it's boring, it's pretty much the only newspaper you can read in your office and totally get away with it. Seriously, if your boss walks in your office and sees you reading The Journal Record, he or she will probably think you're doing a good job and staying up to date on local oil and gas, real estate and political news. They probably have no idea you have a Thor comic book hidden inside or the lost issues of The Justice League of Oklahoma .

In his list Ted also writes about newspapers, and in clever fashion, ripped The Oklahoman.

2. Newspapers "“ especially the ones that are still in business and not laying people off. I have loved newspapers since I was old enough to have the funnies read to me on Sunday morning. They were bigger then. I am thankful this newspaper has more subscribers now than it did a year ago at this time "“ a claim few papers can make. I am thankful for that because it means I might get to keep my job a while longer.

Wow, those are fighting words. How much do you want to bet The Oklahoman has already sent Darnell Mayberry over to rough up Ted a little bit???

Anyway, since we have now been mentioned on a list with some powerful energy companies, I assume that we are going to get flooded with scores "“ Yes, scores! "“ of new visitors today. To all these new readers, I would like to share that picture of my ex-girlfriend who I dumped because she was not pretty enough for me. And also because she dated Tony. You see, here at The Lost Ogle we are classy young gentlemen and we will always be that way. So come back and continue to read us.

p.s.- Unlike the Journal Record, it is probably not okay to read The Lost Ogle while at work. Unless of course you work for Evans and Davis, or Mr. Spriggs BBQ, or The Oklahoman.

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