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Congratulations Governor Henry

Yesterday, it was announced that our Governor was named chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Commission.  Congratulations are in order because this job is apparently a launching pad for bigger things.  The previous holder of this position recently vaulted from little known governor of a state not even connected to the United States, to Republican nominee for Vice President.  That's right, our own Brad Henry is following in the footsteps of Sarah Palin.

Way to go Governor Henry.  You are now in position to handle the same responsibility as a woman who thinks Africa is one country, believes the Constitution expects the Vice President to run the Senate, and had no idea this guy was not French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  That's a real feather in your cap there Governor.

I am sad to admit that the news of this made me realize how many other things he and Caribou Barbie have in common.  They are both governors of oil rich states that won favor with their constituencies by handing out tax rebates when the oil boom overloaded their state coffers.  They are both from small towns just outside of their state's largest population center.  They both have some trouble with sentence structure, and both thrive politically by showing off their camera friendly families.  As someone who once suggested Henry be Barack Obama's running mate, these revelations were very disquieting to me.  Luckily, Obama ignored my counsel.  That's why he's President and I'm just a lowly internet author.

Of course, should the Governor challenge Tom Coburn in 2010, let's forget I said any of this.

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