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Make Jim Traber pay higher taxes…

I think if you have a blog, newspaper or even own a large chain coffee or donut shop, you're supposed to try and encourage people to vote today.  Since we are lemming conformists, we are going to kind of do the same.

However, we should mention that since Oklahoma is a state that's overwhelmingly dominated by right wing wedge issue conservative nut jobs (see Inhofe, Jim), that your vote really doesn't matter.  So if you plan on voting for John McCain, just stay home.  He'll get plenty of votes and win Oklahoma without you.  So just stay at home, avoid the lines, and enjoy yourself.

But...if you plan on voting for Barack Hussein Obama, just go vote for the giggles.  Jim Traber already mentioned that his taxes will be raised if Obama is elected president, plus Obama is for a college football playoff.  Both those things sound good to me.

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