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Thank You, Karen Morton

I was hesitant to bring this up, but thanks to Karen Morton, I may be the only one. As much as everyone loves an irrational "Seperation of Church and State" debate that devolves into Jim Inhofe and James Dobson on one side arguing that traffic laws should be biblically based while sensitive ponytail guy claims that public office holders should have to leave their cross pendants with the Capitol metal detector monitor, Mrs. Morton has headed this one off at the pass.

Karen Morton runs "Sacred Heart Catholic Gifts and Stationary Store" which is awesome not only because the name is a great shout out to the hospital in Scrubs, but also because their website is the next Amazon what with their large selection of rosaries. In an act of great Christian charity, she became the heroine of this story as reported by The Oklahoman:

Edmond city leaders have decided to let private donors buy out the city's stake in a religious statue.

In September, the Edmond Visual Arts Commission approved spending $3,900 for a statue of Jesus surrounded by three children. Mayor Dan O'Neil said Wednesday the city has found a group of local individuals to fund its portion of the statue.

Karen Morton, owner of Sacred Heart Catholic Gifts and Stationery Store at 15 S Broadway, raised half of the cost of the statue, which will be placed in front of her business.

Now, instead of the bickering about the topic mentioned above, we can argue about what really matters. What constitutes a statue? The "statue" purchased by Mrs. Morton is 26" tall. That makes the image above practically life-sized. As a point of reference, the James Garner statue that posed for a photo with Cardboard Jim, seen at right, is ginormous. Keep in mind, C.J. is about 7' tall. When compared to the actual James Garner, "Bronze Jim" makes him not quite life-sized.

Personally, I'd call the Jesus artwork a big "figurine." I might go as far as giving it "lawn ornament" status. For something to be called a statue, my standard is that it must be at least as tall as Al Eschbach.

Feel free to disagree with me in the comment section...because really, isn't this a better thing to argue about?

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