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Maggie Carlo had a going away party…we were not invited.

So our good pals at Channel 5 issued a press release this week that officially announced Maggie Carlo's departure. It's a shame they didn't issue the release earlier, because then they could have officially announced her going away party, too, and we could have gone.

As the pictures seem to show, it looked like it was a fun party. And it should have been, because with the rate employees are jumping ship at KOCO, they are probably getting pretty good at throwing these things. Seriously, what does Channel 5 do to their employees? They probably beat them with whips, chains and old Dino Lali movie reviews. I bet their only happy employee is Jordan Williams, and that's probably just because he is...uhhhhh...happy.

Anyway, thanks to a reader email, we now get to live the party vicariously through pictures. Compared to other live, local, latebreaking parties, these pictures are okay. There are no pictures of Tyler Suiters and his man boob kissing a gay producer. No pictures of Aaron Tuttle dressed as superman. No pictures of Mark Rodgers doing his Skarky impersonation. Nope, none of that. They are still good though. Check them after the jumpity-jump.

Darrielle always struck us a vodak n' tonic type of girl. It's good to know that she meets expectations.

This will probably be the last every Schmarlo Sandwich picture to appear on this site. Sad.

This guy is Rob Hedrick. I know this because he posted a YouTube clip of himself called "Rob Hedrick on the Weather Channel." He's seen 150 tornadoes.

I heard this guy was kind of lame, but that they were able to use him as a mop whenever there was a spill.

I have no clue why, but Maggie is really showing off her ring in the picture.

Wine. Classy. I bet they went to Groovy's later on that night and threw up on a old guy.

Yeah. This is when the party got weird.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics. Maybe Rick Mitchell will quit soon and give us some really weird going away pics. Also, thank you person who emailed them to me.

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