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Depressing News: Maggie Carlo is leaving Channel 5

12:00 AM EDT on September 29, 2008

We have learned that Maggie Carlo is leaving Channel 5. Her last day is Wednesday, October 15. From one of the several emails we received alerting us of the news:

The guy she's married to is a hedge fund manager and he has been commuting back and forth to Chicago. That's where they are moving.

Sad day for matching eye shadow lipstick and outfit fans.

Yeah, I don't know if I buy the whole "I have a rich husband who manages millions of dollars in Chicago" excuse. Something tells me she probably just got sick of Paul Folger showing her all the pictures he took of his longhaired Dachshund dressed up in doggie clothes.

This sucks on many different levels. Here are a few of them:

• If I ever watch the Channel 5 news again, I'm actually going to have to focus on the news. That's no fun.

• I imagine that "Schamarlo Sandwich" pictures like the one above (and this one where they try the librarian look) are going to show up on the Internet less frequently.

• Yes, we've lost another member of our "20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media" powerpoll. The way things are going right now, Ann DeFrange may make the next list.

• What the hell are the labor conditions like at Channel 5? They are losing people faster than the Oklahoman is losing subscribers. Who knows. Maybe Rick Mitchell creeps everyone out.

Anyway, we really do wish Maggie the best of luck as she moves away to Chicago land. Hopefully, her experience here in Oklahoma was a good one, and we didn't totally freak her out with our over-the-top fascination of her and co-anchor. Also, if things don't work out well up north, and if all the hedge funds collapse and Chicago falls into Lake Michigan, we'll gladly welcome her back with open arms.

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