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The Thunder are a Real Top Secret Organization

No one will ever accuse Clay Bennett of being too secretive.  After getting embarrassed because of personal emails and watching his franchise have the big unveiling of its new name and team logo come via a third party, it is happening again.  The team uniforms, which are supposedly being revealed today, have already been teased by someone who got an early copy of the video game NBA 2K9.

While it's fun to see the Thunder organization continue showing ineptitude, there are some secrets we wish Clay Bennett would be intrusted with:

    • His wife's ATM Code
    • Whose dog and child are in the Mathis Brothers commercial
    • WTF Wimgo is
    • How Jim Inhofe keeps getting elected
    • Why Channel 5 keeps running off their on air talent
    • What she's doing with him
    • When Amy McRee is going back to Tahlequah/Arcadia

I'm sure there are plenty of things our readers would like for Clay Bennett to know, as well.  Leave your request in the comments section.

Update:  The jerseys are now official, and they look very much, well exactly, like the video above.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself...with the bonus of seeing four really uncomfortable players model them.

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