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Worst of OKC: Worst Musician or Band

This category hindered me, because I think it really only needs a couple of nominees. But I guess we have some weird tradition to have five nominees per category. What a hindrance, right? I kind of want to open it up to dead acts (like the guys above), but that would be boring. I guess I'll go drink a beer from a toby in Keith, Nebraska.

Falcon Five-O
Here in Oklahoma, we are fat. So if a few members of your band can run people out of a yummy place like "Cheeseburger in Paradise," they have to be one of the worst, right?

Chris Gaylor
This dude is the drummer for the All American Rejects. At first I was going to put the entire band on here, but then I noticed this little nugget from Chris's Wikipedia Page:

Chris plays the harpsichord for St Paul's Cathedral in Oklahoma City. He's always had a love for chamber music and wants to promote it's popularity. He will be producing an album with Charity Lovelace entitled "Phantasy No.3". Look for it's debut this Fall.

Yeah, if it's on Wikipedia, it must be true...right.

Recently, somebody accused me of "hating" Hinder because they "made it big." That's not true. My dislike for them is due to their terrible, generic, clichéd "rock and roll" music.

Toby Keith

Mike Steely
Since he owns a guitar and annoyingly talks about it all the time, I guess we can go ahead and consider Mike Steely a musician. Since he probably spends his late afternoons playing Def Lepperd, Quite Riot and Twisted Sister covers, he probably deserves to be on this list.

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