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Worst of OKC: Worst News Channel

12:00 AM EDT on August 11, 2008

When determining the quality of a news channel, I think the number one thing you should go by is the overall attractiveness of the anchorwomen and female reporters. Because if you have a hot chick reading or reporting the news, who really cares if it is good or not. After that, I would say the best news channels generally have the longest sports reports and employ gracious deities to control the weather.

Anyway, that's how I would determine a "Best of" news channel. I have no clue how to judge a "Worst of." Since that's the case, I'm going to be totally lazy and just post some You Tube clips of our five nominees. Vote after the jump.

KFOR- Channel 4

KOCO - Channel 5

KWTV- Channel 9

KOKH - Channel 25

KSBI - Channel 52

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