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Josh and Jenna sitting in a tree…

A nice little reader comment pointed us to this picture over at the infamous and awesome

The people in this picture are FORMER University of Oklahoma Wide Receiver Josh Jarboe and SUSPENDED University of Oklahoma Women's Basketball player Jenna Plumley. As you probably know by now, Josh was kicked off the team for rapping about shooting people and bringing a gun to his high school, while Jenna was suspended indefinitely for shoplifting some cosmetics from Wal-Mart.

Nice, huh? I think think the only thing that could make this any better is if a YouTube clip suddenly surfaces where Jenna raps about stealing some 2-in-1 foundation/concealer and Oil-of-Olay. And maybe a little something about missed three pointers and her odd crush on Tony.

Actually, that sounds like a fun interactive-reader thing. If you feel up to it, post the hypothetically potential opening verse to a possible Jenna Plumley rap. Whoever posts the best one wins a glass of milk! Bonus points for those of you who use the words Halo, mascara and Skarky.

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