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Worst of OKC: Worst Weatherman

In Oklahoma, weather is a big deal. In fact, it is such a big deal that we are probably naming our NBA team after a loud sound that scares my dog. Neat, huh?

Anyway, since weather is such a colossally big deal, we also have some colossally bad weatherman. Vote for the worst after the jump.

Ross Dixon

When Ross Dixon first got into the meteorology field, weather was predicted by sacrificing young virgins to a weather god at a temple on E. Britton Rd. Then Gary England came along and changed everything. How do I know this is true? I read about it on Wikipedia.

Jeff George

No, this isn't the former quarterback. This Jeff George is the weather dude over at Channel 25. If he was a good guy, he would give his salary to Jaime and let her do the weather each night in hopes that she will stay in Oklahoma City.

Grant Johnston

As we pointed out a long time ago, Grant Johnston is a fanatical Christian. Here at The Lost Ogle, we actually like fanatical Christians (and no, it's not because it's so fun to spike their punch and watch them accidentally get drunk), but we don't like for our weathermen to be them. If a huge tornado is barreling down our path, we don't want them to start reading the bible, we want them on Doplar 9000 HD ver. 2.0 and on the Genter with Val.

Rick Mitchell

Yeah, Rick Mitchell is a cornhusker fan. According to Clark Matthews, he also looks like either an amateur internet porn star or an Amway salesman. We are not sure which one.

*Disclaimer: You may have noticed the lack of someone named Lord Gary England. The words "worst" and "Gary England" don't even belong in the same sentence together. I just screwed that up, huh.

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