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Worst of OKC: Worst Place to Lose Your Car Keys

I'm good at about 37 things and great at pretty much everything else. Out of that everything else, the thing that I might be the greatest at is losing my cars keys. Thankfully, when I do lose them they are usually on the kitchen table under some old junk mail, or for some reason on an end table in the living room masked by an empty beer bottle. Rarely - if ever - do I lose them anywhere else, and thank god not at any of the places listed in this "Worst Of..."

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OKC Blazers Game
Usually the best part about going to a Blazer's game is leaving a Blazer's game. That can be pretty difficult when you lose your car keys. At least you could probably afford to pay the players to help hunt down the keys for you.

Brent Rinehart's House
This would be creepy. Imagine digging through Brent's sofa cushions. The only thing you'd probably find would be beer bottle caps, comic book drafts and Rainbow charm bracelets. I was going to mention condoms, but I doubt you would find condoms. If you did, they were probably left by "Shane Suiters."

Friend's is a weird bar near Memorial and Portland. I'm pretty sure it's a place where old swingers go to meet other old swingers and then dance to cheesy cover songs. Oddly enough, it's also where Clark Matthews had his last birthday party.

OETA Studios
The only good thing about losing your car keys at the OETA studios is that it would be the most interesting thing to actually take place at the OETA studios. Seriously, that place is so boring that you could have a baby, a litter of puppies and Audrey Esther locked in your car in the middle of August and you'd still have trouble staying alert and focusing while hunting for the keys.

Remington Park:
When you go to Remington Park, sometimes the keys to your car are the only thing you leave with, so it would really suck if you lost them. It would also really really suck if you lost them in one of the suites of a multi-suite holder.

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