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Worst of OKC: Worst “Sports Animal” Host

I don't know why I listen to the Sports Animal as much as I do.

At first I was going to compare it to a heroin addiction, but then I remembered that heroin addicts seem to enjoy heroin, and I don't really enjoy listening the Sports Animal.

Sure, it's on FM, and it can be entertaining at times, but for the most part, I can't stand it. One reason in particular is that they have some terrible hosts. Meet them (and vote for the worst one) after the jump.

Bob Barry Jr.

You would think that being a sports talk host (and sports anchor) would require an above average knowledge of sports. BBJ shoots that idea down pretty fast. Outside of his three favorite pro sports teams and OU women's basketball, Bob Barry Jr. doesn't know too much about the sporting world. How did he get his job then? Well, when you google his name, a link to his dad comes up first.

al eschbach

Al Eschbach

If all you care about when it comes to sports talk is semi-biased propaganda reporting about the University of Oklahoma, then Al Eschbach is probably your favorite host on The Sports Animal. He also wears a swim suit when he plays basketball. I know that doesn't have anything to do with him as a sports talk host, but I just wanted to point it out...again.

Craig Humphreys

Because he's loaded with cash and loves sports, Craig Humphreys was very influential in the rapid rise and popularity of sports talk dominance on the Oklahoma airwaves. Unfortunately, due to that money and influence, he became a sports talk host, too.

Mark Rodgers

Originally, Mark Rodgers wasn't going to make this list. We actually kind of like his show, plus he did a Q & A with us. Then he went all crazy and decided to ask for listener input for his Top 15 high school football teams of all time. Since that fateful day, every call to his show has been about either 1992 Ada team or '74 Wetumka or the 2007 Who-really-cares.

Jim Traber

The best thing about Jim Traber is that he created Cardboard Jim Traber. The second best thing about Jim Traber is the Jim Traber Drinking Game. There isn't really a third best thing about Jim Traber.

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