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Uniform Design Contest-Contest

Even before Clay Bennett and his posse were able to break their lease in Seattle by relinquishing the name "SuperSonics" (as well as ponying up as much cash as T. Boone Pickens keeps in his shoe), speculation regarding what the NBA franchise would be called in Oklahoma City was rampant.  This website even succumbed to the temptation.  Others have taken interest in what colors the team should adopt.  Now, a writer on has taken it to the next level.

Paul Lukas, the author of Page 2's feature "Uni Watch", has announced a contest for designing the team's new uniforms.  Considering the team does not have a name or colors (as I alluded to above) this could be interesting.  It also opens up an opportunity for us to hold our own competition.

For any enterprising LostOgle reader who can get a design immortalizing one of the team names we suggested in this article by having Lukas mention it, a prize will be awarded (probably a t-shirt).  If you can get a design for the Oklahoma City LostOgle's mentioned in the column, we'll even throw in an authgraphed copy of The Gazette

If you want more information on the contest, follow the jump...

1.  Submission to Lukas can be produced in any form.  (i.e. professional software, crayon, water colors, etc)  However, it must be submitted in one of the following file formats:  JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP

2.  Color and name are your discretion.  The one caveat is that Lukas will disqualify any color scheme involving purple.

3.  Email your design to this address, but be sure to blind copy thelostogle at gmail dot com.

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