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Worst of OKC: Worst Metro Suburb

12:00 AM EDT on July 9, 2008

In Oklahoma City, we have quite a few suburbs...some of them are okay, but most of them suck. We've selected five of the worst nominees for today's "Worst of OKC" category: Worst Metro Suburb.

Check them out and vote after the jump:

Bethany was the highest ranking city (#30) on our list of the Top 100 Oklahoman Embarrassments. In all honesty, Bethany isn't that bad of a place to live...that is if you are a white, gun owning, lower middle class, conservative Nazarene.

Del City
Whenever you find yourself in Del City, your first two thoughts are:
A: How do I get out of here, and
B: I hope the locks on my car door work

If you live in Del City, your thoughts are probably:
A: How do I get out of here, and
B: I hope the locks on the large iron gate on my front door work

Here at The Lost Ogle, we hate placing stereotypes on things (we also like hypocrisy), so we are not going to throw out the "all people from Edmond are rich, stuck-up snobs" line. The reason? We know that there are actually a lot of poor, stuck-up people who live in Edmond, too. Anyway, that is not why Edmond is a nominee for worst suburb. The reason totally falls on the fact that the now defunct Enterprise Square USA is still the city's number one tourist attraction.

Technically, Tulsa is not a suburb of Oklahoma City. But since Tulsa is kind of like a suburb without a city, we'll go ahead and adopt them. Since the Irritating Irritated Tulsan is from there, we figured we'd add them to the list.

Warr Acres
Warr Acres is home to the metro area's lowest tax rate. Unfortunately, it lacks centers of retail commerce to capitalize on that low tax rate.

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