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If the above heading scared Sally Kern into fearing the impending rapture, running into the closet, and finding her son, that's great news.  What I am really referring to, however, is the impending verdict of the City of Seattle v. Professional Basketball Club of Oklahoma which is due at 6:00 CST today. 

What rides on the ruling of Justice Marsha Pechman is not exactly of great significance to the people of Oklahoma.  Should she rule in favor of the PBC, there is a chance that the Sonics could relocate to our fair state in time for the 2008/2009 NBA season.  (More likely, the City of Seattle files an appeal delaying the move long enough that the team is stuck another season in Washington.)  If Pechman favors the City of Seattle, the Sonics will probably be stuck as many as two more seasons on the West Coast until the lease runs out and Clay Bennett moons the Seattle City Council from the back of a moving van.

Either way, it is hardly a day of infamy.  But, in order to beat The Oklahoman to covering the ruling, we offer our analysis of the verdict after the jump.

If the Sonics win the case:  Woo hoo!!!!!

If the City of Seattle wins the case:  Booooooooo!


Update:  According to (I know, I'm as surprised as you), and now a brief statement by Judge Pechman, a settlement has been reached allowing the Sonics to buyout of the lease.  No details have been released yet, but it's safe to assume that the team is now free to leave Seattle and that the team will probably be called something other than the "Supersonics" when they reach OKC. 

There is one more possible hurdle as the former owner of the team, Howard Schultz, has sued to rescind the sale from two years ago.  It was a longshot to begin with, and rumor is that the possibility of that going to trial hinged on Seattle winning the lawsuit that was just settled two hours prior to the conclusion.  Even should Schultz prevail on this longshot, the team already has a lease with OKC that could probably force Shultz to move the team anyway.

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