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Maybe he’ll pursue an acting career…

The beautiful guy pictured above is Dan Murdock. Dan Murdock is the General Counsel of the Oklahoma Bar Association. If you've been following the news at all today, you may know that Dan was arrested Saturday night on an alleged sexual battery complaint. From an article at (for the juicy stuff, skip the article and download the crime report.)

A crying woman told police Oklahoma City attorney Dan Murdock got her alone at Remington Park Saturday night, asked if she is a tease, then pulled down her top and bit her on the breast, police reported.

The woman said he also grabbed her by the hair, bit her neck and grabbed her outside her clothes in her genital area.

"But he didn't rape me," she told police in tears...

The woman, who is in her 30s, said she had talked with Murdock at the wedding shower (at Remington Park), according to the report. She said she had been drinking wine. She said he told her he was divorced.

She said he wanted to show her his other suite and she agreed.

"Once inside the suite, she realized there was no one in there but her and" Murdock, police reported.

Well, this proves some theories. Don't trust an attorney (obviously). Don't trust a Remington Park multi-suite holder. And don't pull the top off a random drunk woman and bite her on the breast.

Anyway, as it always is, I'm sure there is another side to this story...and if there is, I'm sure we'll never hear about it. While we wait, I would recommend for Mr. Murdock to do these things.

"¢ Get a good criminal defense attorney

"¢ Get a good divorce attorney

"¢ Read some of his own calm soothing articles over at the Oklahoma Bar Association website. You know, articles like "Making Life Better for Others," "The Content of Our Character," and "Clean Out Your Closet."

"¢ Get in touch with Mike Gassaway and pursue an acting career.

(Sorry it is buried down here, but if you only do one thing all day, you'll click the very last link. I wish I would have discovered it earlier.)

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