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Power Poll: 10 Worst Jobs in Oklahoma City

12:00 AM EDT on June 23, 2008

A few weeks ago, my perverted roommate and I ventured to Cock-O-The-Walk for some weeknight fun. While there, we discovered these three things:

    • There is an adult coed kickball league in Oklahoma City. Yes, coed kickball.
    • The people who play in this adult coed kickball league go to the Cock-O-The-Walk after their games and take up a lot space
    • The "Cock" has recently painted it's mens' bathroom

The reason I mention these astonishing discoveries is because our conversation revolved around them for most of the night. First, we spent about 20-minutes naming all of our friends who could play on our own kickball team. Then we talked about jobs that would be worse than having to paint the filthy, disgusting Cock-O-The-Walk bathroom. Because this topic is more interesting than us thinking about which three girls we could get to join our team, I decided to share with you our newest power poll: "The 10 Worst Jobs in the OKC Metro."

Check them out after the jumpity jump.

10. Wayne Coyne's Therapist:
And you thought you had issues. Imagine trying to interpret some of Wayne Coyne's dreams about alien pandas attacking the Paseo with confetti laser bombs while decked in Santa Claus outfits. Thankfully, the therapist gets to bill by the hour.


9. Painter of the "Cock of the Walk" Bathroom:

This has to make the list, right? Hell, this may just be one of the most disgusting jobs ever. To do it, you probably have to wear one of those white radiocative waste suits while painting, and then take a bath in hand sanitzer solution when you finish.

(Yeah: That's former "Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May" girl Whitney at the "Cock." Double yeah: that sentence reads a lot worse than it actually is.)


8. Robinson Ave Street Sweeper:
Imagine the risks associated with this job. These dudes should get complimentery hepatitis and HIV testing each month as an employee benefit. They should also got free therapy sessions.


7. The Richardson Homes Girl's Speech Pathologist:
You got to feel sorry for this person. I bet they have really good session with the little girl, but then her parents secretly teach her how to mumble and stutter so that she can continue her reign as their "cute" little spokesperson. Either that or they get her drunk.


6. Van Shea Iven's Gynecologist:
Last month, we included Van Shea Iven in our "Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May" countdown. Oops. There are some rumors being floated out their now that Van Shea is actually a man. That can't be true! If so, I really feel sorry for his Gynecologist.


5. Jim Traber's Nurse:
I'm not too knowledgeable in the field of medicine, but apparently Jim Traber has (or had) to walk around with some weird bag attached to his stomach. That's disgusting. Having to change it? Even more disgusting. Being his nurse? Absolute torture.


4. Jack and Ron's Humor Coach:
There are some pretty strong rumors out there that this job is currently held by Mr. Monday. If that's the case, maybe it explains some things.


3. Clark Matthews' Barber:
Seriously, the head chef at Rok Bar has more stuff to work with than Clark Matthews barber does.


2. Randy Terrill's Food Taster:
Take a peak at the people who are cooking most of the food at our cities restaurants and you may notice they have a striking resemblance to the hard working people that Randy want's to keep out of Oklahoma. Who knows what Randy"“and his staff of food tasters"“have munched down over the past 6 months.


1. Mathis Brothers' Veterinarian
Imagine what the guy must feel like when he gets the 3:00am phone call regarding a mysterious injury to their pet gerbil "Mills."

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