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The Lost Ogle: Version 2.0

When we first started this site over a year ago, this was our mission statement:

We are a group of young, amazing and strikingly attractive Oklahoma City residents that offer our "2-cents", "rants" and "morning news styled opinions" on a variety of topics concerning Oklahoma City and the rest of the world. It's a daunting task. In fact, it's a task so daunting that only an Ogle brother could do it. That's why we're And that's our two cents.

Well, the mission statement is (kind of) remaining the same, but we have more help to keep it running. Effective today, we are happy to announce the addition of three new contributors to The Lost Ogle "we write for free" team. They are:

"¢ Sarah (top left)

"¢ Sam (top right)

"¢ Wendy (bottom right)

For the hell of it, we also decided to include Jerry (bottom left), The Irritated Tulsan, as a new contributor, too. You can read all about these people at the contributors page at the top.

Also, with the addition of these new (and I pray to God talented) writers, we have sad news: Tony has decided to take a (hopefully temporary) hiatus from writing at The Lost Ogle. We're not sure why he has decided to leave, but here are three ideas:

"¢ He was kidnapped by Dave Morris and forced to help him plan his bachelor party

"¢ He was kidnapped by Steve Hunt and forced to watch hardcore midget porn

"¢ He was kidnapped by Clark Matthews and forced to clean the Matthews' garage

Once again, these are just ideas. Hopefully, Tony will stop by one last time and write a kindhearted farewell post to everyone. Hopefully, he'll also bring cookies.

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