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Bawk! Bawk-bawk-bawk!!!

Oklahomans need to grow up.

In a Q&A session with constituents, Oklahoma's junior Senator Tom Coburn had this little nugget of information:

"Never was there a risk for the flying public," Coburn said. "Not once. And the FAA will tell you that. But they're chickens."

In his defense, there are no reports of Coburn tucking his thumbs under his armpits and strutting around, but one would think a man elected to represent the state in Washington might be a little more, shall we say, restrained.  When contacted for rebuttal, an FAA spokesman responded, "We're rubber, he's glue."

Then this:

When a friend of Ronnie Silman's son pulled out a gun, Silman dared him to pull the trigger, police said. Then a bullet tore through his leg.

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.  The best part of this story is that Silman was apparently the only "adult" involved in this confrontation (the final line of the article "Silman's and Williams' ages were not released" suggests the other two participants were minors), and he was the one issuing playground taunts.  Normally, I'd hesitate to make fun of a guy who was shot, but normally the person being shot does not request the shooter pull the trigger.

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