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Hot Guy a Day in the Month after May: Al Eschbach

al eschbach

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best person to judge the "hotness" of fellow hot guys. In all honesty, that's why I felt a little bit uncomfortable creating a "Hot Guy a Day in the Month after May" series. But...Clark Matthews insisted that we run the series, and Clark always has to get what he wants. Plus we actually have female readers, and these female readers want to see hot guys each day for the rest of this month. Obviously we want them to be happy. And then there is the Brent Skarky factor. You don't want him complaining and sending out mass emails.

Anyway, one thing I know about hot girls is that they are often pictured in swimsuits (see: McRee, Amy). That's why I figured Al Eschbach would be a good choice. He's wearing a swimsuit, so I guess at that makes him hot. He also wears it while he plays basketball. I guess that makes him hotter.

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