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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Whitney from OKC

Having The Gazette write a big article about your website it pretty cool, but know what's even cooler? Having a random dude send you a random picture of a random hot girl he works with for inclusion in the Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May series. Seriously, if people continue to send me pictures of girls like Whitney, I may have to change my name to Patrick Hefner. I'll also have to figure out how to extend the month of May or make up with some fun word for "day" that rhymes with June.

Anyway, for better pictures of Whitney, check out this pretty much NSFW Playboy audition clip that she posted on YouTube. Also, thanks to insanely lucky dude who works with Whitney. Apparently, she's one of many girls who he works with "that can melt paint." I find this odd, because Clark Matthews always brags about how he can "make paint dry."  Clark Matthews also like watercolors.

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