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Mayor: So easy, a teenager can do it

12:57 AM EDT on May 23, 2008

With apologies to Mayor Mick, the job of being chief executive of a city seems to be pretty easy.  At least the people of Muskogee think so.  In a run off election last week, nineteen-year old OU Freshman John Tyler Hammons was elected to be the most powerful man in town.

More shocking than JTH's rise to power at such a young age is that he managed to get elected despite making the announcement of his intention to run in front of this group:

Seriously, he kicked off his campaign in a mall food court with this as his target demographic and he managed to get elected?  That's almost as improbable as Pedro's rise to class President, but I do like the image of Hammons candidacy being buoyed when his friend Napoleon did a sweet dance in the town square.

Regardless, it is an impressive feat that suggests J.T.'s ceiling may include a term as head of the U.N.  So, I wanted to figure out the kid's appeal.  After exhaustive research, I decided it must be work ethic.

From the Muskogee Phoenix:

Q: If elected mayor, how much time would you devote to being mayor and what kind of schedule would you keep? How accessible would you be as mayor?

HAMMONS: As mayor, I will dedicate as much time as is needed to conduct the people's business. This would include regular office hours, absolute attendance at council meetings.

Perfect example of our slacker generation.  "If I get elected, I'll sit in my office and show up at meetings I am required to attend."  Does he want a cookie for doing his job?  Of course, he shows his budding political skills by leaving out the part where he will be playing Wii during his office hours.

A lot of my hostility may stem from jealously.  When I was nineteen years old, I was working at Okie Sno pouring syrup on shaved ice before upgrading to become a reservationist at Hertz.  There are definitely some benefits to being a mayor before getting a college degree.  I outline some after the jump.

10. According to LeBron James, when most mayors are just finishing school, J.T. will be on his second contract.

9. Getting to rescind liquor license if bar refuses to serve you.

8. Getting to accompany Sally Kern to the Republican National Convention.  (This is actually true.)

7. Sig Ep is bound to extend him a bid now.

6. Not being charged as an adult after his inevitable embezzlement accusation.

5. Cool new nickname: Mayor Doogie

4. Ordering police force to harrass parents when won't get off his ass about missing curfew.

3. Better Summer job than mowing lawns.

2. Redecorating the city offices with unframed Hinder posters.

1. Mayoral groupies.

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