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The Oklahoma Battle Royale

First came the Jim Traber/Mark Rodgers tiff.  Now, the state capitol is getting in the fighting mood.  According to an Associated Press report:

Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid, told the Tulsa World that Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, tried to pick a fight with him, using words to the effect, "I'll whip your ass."

Now, we can argue all day and night about the vast array of meanings a phrase like "I'll whip your ass" can take on, but let's just assume it was the most common usage.  That means's favorite state congressman is not only a racist, but a bit of a bully.  But, why was he so upset that he went after a member of his own party?

Oh, the usual.  Terrill introduced a new, racist, bill** trying to outlaw Spanish being spoken anywhere at anytime, and the outcry caused Senator Anderson to get overloaded with calls from constituents attempting to persuade him to vote for the bill.  Of course, that outcry was created by Terrill robocalling Anderson's district begging like minded people to flood Anderson with calls.  For his part, Anderson passed on those concerns to Representative Xenophobe by way of forwarding every single call to Terrill's office, including a a call from Mrs. Anderson requesting that her husband pick up some tamales on the way home.

So, as one can see, it was a perfectly rational argument between two grown men.  Regardless, we at TheLostOgle have been wondering why there has been a rash of scuffles lately.  Then, we found out that they are all staged in promoting a local Battle Royale wrestling event.  It made perfect sense when we uncovered the teams:

     Team Ogle                    Team Wimgo
Mark Rodgers                       Jim Traber
     Patrick Anderson                 Randy Terrill
     Patrick                                 Steve Hunt
     Dixie Chicks^^                   Toby Keith
     Mike Gundy                          Jenni Carlson
     Tony Sellars                         Bill Simonson
     Good Taste                          Hinder

** Tony thinks the target of the bill is not actually Mexican immigrants, but The Oklahoman's side project Viva Oklahoma!.

^^ The Dixie Chicks/Toby Keith feud was originally disqualified because the ladies are all from Texas.  However, it was determined that because Natalie Maines' husband once played a vampire from Oklahoma, they were reinstated.

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