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10 Mascot Ideas for Oklahoma City Community College

A few months ago, we at The Lost Ogle threw around some potential name ideas for the hopefully soon to be here NBA team. It started off fun, but now hearing someone give their "2-cents" on the name of our future NBA franchise is torture. Seriously, I'd rather listen to Danny Williams spit out tongue twisters for an hour or watch Jenni Carlson and Gan Matthews reenact the pottery scene from Ghost before I'd choose to listen to some caller on the Sports Animal spend five minutes talking about how cool it would be if the team was named the "Barons." Hell, the Oklahoman even started a cheesy Ogle March Madness style tournament to pick out the name. If they are doing it, the topic has to be lame.

Anyway, to help get everyone off the "Name that NBA Team" kick, we figured it would be nice to throw out a new topic:

Come Up with a mascot for Oklahoma City Community College

In all reality, this is probably more important than naming the NBA team, because at least the Sonics are...well...the Sonics. Oklahoma City Community College doesn't have a mascot. I just has a few nicknames like "Harvard on May," "O-Triple-C" or O-C-Cubed." That's really unfair to alumni like (gulp) myself who don't want to say we went to Oklahoma City Community College, and would rather say we went to the "Home of the BLANKS."

Find out 10 potential BLANKS after the jump.

The Commuters

Okay. I'm not technically going to count this one in the Top 10, because we kind of brought it up back when we were listing our Top 100 Ideas for the Oklahoma Idea's Initiative. We even proposed the following fight song:

"We are the commuters"¦of O' Triple C.
Drive Drive Day or Night. Drive Drive Fight Fight Fight.
We are the commuters of O' Triple C.

p.s.- We also mentioned that I should be declared as the city's first ever Wet T-Shirt contest laureate. That hasn't happened yet. Can someone hurry up and make that happen?


Soccer Moms

I bet if you drive through the OCCC parking lot, you'll see a bunch of messy mini-vans or late 90's SUVS. That's because Soccer Moms flock tot his school. Apparently, OCCC has a good day care or something.



One neat thing about being a High School Graduate attending Harvard on May is that you have something most of the other students don't have: a High School diploma.



This name would be good to simply satisfy all those people who liked to cleverly mention that Sonic Drive-In could sponsor the Sonics when they moved here. Also, if you take a good look in the Soccer Moms vehicles, you are probably guaranteed to see a couple of empty Sonic cups on floorboard of the backseat.



Originally, we were going to call this one The Poor People. But then Clark Matthews mentioned that we shouldn't make fun of Tony, so we went with Southsiders instead.



Rose State Junior College is one of the few schools that OCCC students can look down upon. That and some school in Stillwater.


Top Dawgs

Although his act gradually got old, we still miss Top Dawg. This could be an easy way to bring him back. And since OCCC has no sports team, we wouldn't have to see him spin his head around for the TV camera when coming back from a TV timout.



Some people think this should be the name of our NBA franchise. What a terrible idea. What happened, were the Monte Carlos already taken? Anyway, I'm so terrified that our NBA team will be named the Thunderbirds that I would love for OCCC to snatch it up first.



Since this is the only degree you can get at Oklahoma City Community College, it makes perfect sense for this to be the schools mascot. Students could even audition to be the mascot at all College events...if there are any.



When you Google "Bronchos", which happens to be the mascot of the University of Central Oklahoma, Google asks:

Did you mean: broncos

That probably means that UCO spells the word wrong. Here's a chance for OCCC to one-up the 4-year commuter school from Edmond.



Perhaps the oddest thing about Oklahoma City Community College is that they have an Olympic sized swimming pool and diving center. I'm not sure if it is good or bad that this this the most lasting thing from the 1989 Olympic Festival.


Well...that's the list. What did I forget? Whoever leaves the best one wins a FREE copy of this weeks Gazette, which some are already calling the greatest Gazette ever. EVER!

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