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Jenni Carlson hates blow-up dolls

This past weekend, the Chicago White Sox did something weird to break out of their recent slump. They got out the blow-up dolls. From the Chicago Sun-Times:

If anyone was offended by the White Sox having a pair of inflatable dolls surrounded by bats and a sign encouraging players to "push" in their clubhouse before Sunday's game in Toronto, don't expect an apology from manager Ozzie Guillen...

On Sunday, the bats were circled around the two naked female dolls, one of whom had a bat inserted in its backside to prop it up. Each wore a sign over her breasts, one saying "Let's Go White Sox" and the other reading "You've Got to Push," the National Post in Toronto reported.

As I said, that's weird. But know what's even weirder? Look who got upset:

One group not amused by the prank was the Association for Women in Sports Media, whose members work toward ensuring a non-threatening work environment for all women in sports media. "The presence of those dolls creates an uncomfortable situation for any female journalist who enters the White Sox locker room simply trying to do her job," said Jenni Carlson, the group's president, in an e-mail.

Yes, the White Sox "slump buster" was pretty bizarre and tacky. And yes, I can see how a respectable female journalist would feel uncomfortable around blow-up dolls with bats "inserted in their backsides." But wouldn't any person who is not a Christie's Toy Box employees or arrogant athlete feel uncomfortable trying to work while surrounded by a bunch of blow-up dolls? Seriously, what were all the male journalists doing? Laughing, pointing and having a circle jerk?

Anyway, here are a few more thoughts:

    • Not only is Jenni Carlson a member of the Association for Women in Sports Media, but she's also the president. Scary. This would be like Mr. Monday leading the North American Association of Anonymous Humor Columnists. The fact that Jenni rose to this rank simply proves my old theory that she is on a path to rule the world.
    • I wonder what Jenni would have said if the White Sox players were feeding the blow-up dolls Kentucky Fried Chicken. Or if there were rumors and rumblings that the dolls were going to transfer.
    • I'm pretty sure I know what Mike Gundy is going to send Jenni for her birthday.

(Thanks to our reader "OUredman" for pointing us to WithLeather for the "tip.")

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