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Wilson, Oklahoma Seems Super Exciting

5:07 PM EDT on April 30, 2008

photo from flickr user "zoomar"

Say what you want about the town of Wilson, Oklahoma, that won't change the most important thing: I've never heard of it.

As of this writing, the lead story on is about a crime that occurred in the Carter County town of Wilson this weekend. Basically, a lady died, and her dog got sent to the pound. So a few kids, fearing that it would be put to sleep, hatched a plan to bust the dog out of the slammer and let it attend it's owner's funeral.

Fortunately, the town of Wilson has a top-notch police chief named Felix Hernandez and his department was able to use their awesome detective skills to deduce what had happened:

"The door to the pound was wide open and there was a guy with the dog in his arms," Hernandez said.

Now that is some incredible police work!

I don't know about all of you, but I am glad this story is in the news. It brings some much-needed press to the small town of Wilson, and it also teaches kids that Crime Doesn't Pay. Except when it does. Am I right, Hooker I Just Skipped Out On Without Paying? High Five!

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