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Oklahoma Potsmoker of the Year

12:36 AM EDT on April 20, 2008

I know this story is a few weeks old, but I decided to sit on it for a special occasion.  Today is that special occasion.  A quick glance at the calendar informs me that today is April 20th or 4/20.  As this is the first "National Potsmoker's Day" that TheLostOgle has been in existence, this will be the first time we have awarded Oklahoma Potsmoker of the Year.  Our inaugural recipient is...


For placing his ganja higher on his priority list than the millions of dollars he was entitled to as a possible first round pick in the NFL draft, we at TheLostOgle could not think of a person more deserving of this honor.  For those of you who missed the story, Oklahoma State's star wide receiver was one of college footballs best players in 2007.  He prototypical size, strength and ability to get open made him an extremely intriguing player for most of the 32 teams in the NFL draft being held next week.  Now...not so much.

According to press reports:

Bowman was allegedly driving his 2008 Cadillac Escalade about 80 mph on Interstate 75 on March 4 when he was stopped by a McMinn County Sheriff's deputy.

In his report, Deputy Justin Hester said he saw the driver throw a small bag out of the window, and when he asked Mr. Bowman if it was marijuana, he "said yes it was."

On April 11th, Bowman pled guilty to the charge of marijuana possession and had the good fortune of having the 11 month sentence suspended when he paid the $250 fine (I guess that will come out of the signing bonus).  Now we will see if the National Football League will be as forgiving.  Based on prior experience, he will probably still hear his name called, but nowhere near where he likely would have with a clean record.  What "prior experience", you might ask.

In 1997, Alonzo Mayes was an all-american tight end at Oklahoma State University (similarity?) and projected to be one of the top picks in the 1998 draft after leading the Cowboys to their first post-probation bowl appearance.  Apparently unaware that the NFL had a policy of drug testing players, Mayes failed a drug test on the eve of the draft.  His stock fell as fast as Bear Stearns' and he did not hear his name called until the Chicago Bears snatched him in on the second day of the draft.  The Bears thought they got a steal by getting a first round talent in the fourth round, but what they really received was a headache of a player who demanded first round money despite fourth round status.  Then, he flamed out in the league...I guess you could say he went up in smoke...and caught only 33 passes in three years in the league.  He now plays for the Oklahoma YardDawgz.

OSU's history of players getting busted for pot possession right before the draft is not limited to these two, though.  Just last year, Victor DeGrate managed  to get rated as Scout's #2 undrafted player when he was passed over due to a drug bust just a week before the draft.

Anyway, congratulations to Adarius Bowman.  In the comments section, feel free to nominate someone for 2009 Oklahoma Potsmoker of the Year.  The early odds have Brandon Pettigrew, as Oklahoma State's top draft prospect for next year, as a 1:1 favorite.

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