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Ogle Madness Elite 8: South Regional Final

Today we have the following South Regional Final:

(2) Lauren Richardson vs. (12) Brent Skarky

The game will be played at the old Monkey Park in Ada. This gives The Skarker a serious home court advantage, because Monkeys love The victor will play the winner of tomorrow's Coyne/Schambach battle. Here is who each person defeated on their path to the Elite 8:

(2) Lauren Richardson:

Sweet 16: (3) Jesse Jane: 184-98 (65% - 35%)Field of 32: (7) The Morning Animals, 227 - 75 (75% - 25%)First Round: (15) Oral Roberts, 236-40 (86% - 14%)

(12) Brent Skarky:

Sweet 16: (1) Kelly Ogle, 177 -145 (55% - 45%)Field of 32: (4) Toby Rowland, 171 - 167 (51% - 49%) First Round: (5) Dean Blevins, 136-126 (52% - 48%)

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About Brent Skarky

Who he is: Online anchorperson for

Conference: The Great Habana Conference

Biggest Strength: Brent seems to have a good sense of humor. Plus, he gets to work with pretty girls.

Biggest Weakness: He couldn't make it is a back-up sports anchor in Oklahoma City, and according to a reader, is shy and easily embarrassed.

Fun Fact: His MySpace page is still private. Damn.


About Lauren Richardson:

Conference: Local Media

Who she is: KOKH Reporter

Biggest Strength: Looks. Personality. Has a twin sister.

Biggest Weakness: Keeping her cherry in place. Log rolling.

Fun Fact: Lauren hails from the O.C. and is the daughter and granddaughter of professional golfers. To be clear, her father and grandfather are not the same person, sick-o!


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