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Ogle Madness Elite 8: East Regional Final

12:01 AM EDT on April 7, 2008


The Elite 8 begins today with the East Regional Final. The game will be played at the Union High School gym in Tulsa. The winner gets the first ticket to the Final Four to be played at the soon-to-be-renovated Ford Center. Here it is:

(2) Sam Bradford vs. (5) Sunni Kate Golloway

Here is who each person defeated on their path to the Elite 8:

(2) Sam Bradford:

Sweet 16: (3) Chuck Norris: 157 -114 (58% - 42%)Field of 32: (7) Jim Traber, 169 - 79 (68% - 32%)First Round: (15) Bryan Abrams, 226-87 (72% - 28%)

(5) Sunni Kate Golloway:

Sweet 16: (1) Gary England, 147 -124 (54% - 46%)Field of 32: (4) Berry Trammel, 193 - 52 (79% - 21%)First Round: (12) Doug Sauter, 182-83 (69% - 31%)

After the jump you read more about these two young superpowers, and more importantly, cast your vote.

About Sam Bradford:

Conference: OU Quarterbacks (AKA the "People More Important Than Governors" Conference)

Who he is: The Most Popular Student At The University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Looking confused and throwing to receivers who are wide open

Biggest Weakness: Road Games

Fun Fact: His kidnapping was the main plot line in an installment of the Justice League of Oklahoma.


About Sunni Kate Golloway

Conference: Flesh

Who she is: Daughter of Oklahoma Baseball Coach Sunny Golloway

Biggest Strength: Working out "daddy issues" in a positive way.

Biggest Weakness: Adhering to the rules of selecting a porn name. The last name is supposed to be the street you grow up on, not an abbreviation of your actual name. Gosh, everybody knows that!

Fun Fact: She still hasn't accepted our MySpace friend request.


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