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Ogle Madness Sweet 16: Midwest Regional


Today's Sweet 16 battles are from the Midwest Regional. The games are being played at the old State Capitol in Guthrie. Here they are:

(1) Amy McRee vs. (5) Maggie Carlo

(2) Mayor Mick vs. (3) Ashlynn Brooke

Will the one and two seeds advance? Will Carlo upset McRee? Will the Mayor pull one out against the porn star? You decide! Will Steve Hunt call us kidults in the comments? You decide! Vote after the jump. Polls are open until midnight.

(1) Amy McRee vs. (5) Maggie Carlo

About Amy McRee:

Conference: The Float the Illinois River League chill at Lake Arcadia league

Who she is: 10pm Anchor for KWTV Channel 9

Biggest Strength: Her eyes...and friends.

Biggest Weakness: Lack of piercings.

Fun Fact: You will often find her emceeing local events around town or playing in charity golf tournaments.


About Maggie Carlo:

Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: One of the two hot 10pm anchorwomen on KOCO

Biggest Strength: Her "What Matters to You!" blog

Biggest Weakness: She forwards the love letters you write her to police detectives.

Fun Fact: Tony is pretty sure that she tries to seduce him during each newscast.



(1) Mayor Mick vs. (5) Ashlynn Brooke

About Mayor Mick:

Conference: Local Government

Who he is: Former Sportscaster, Current Mayor, General Renaissance Man

Biggest Strength: Listed in the Guiness Book of World Records under the category "Most Adept At Properly Enunciating The Phrase 'Major League City.'"

Biggest Weakness: His schedule in June is pretty much full, which limits his availability to attend local events.

Fun Fact: Years ago, at a junior golf tournament at Earlywine, then-sportscaster Mick bought Tony a Coke.


About Ashlynn Brooke:

Conference: Flesh

Who she is: Porn Star

Biggest Strength: She Likes It Big #2, Double Play #5, Busty College Co-Eds P.O.V. #3

Biggest Weakness: Table manners

Fun Fact: Suffered humiliating defeat at 2002 hot dog eating contest when a confused Ashlynn spent 15 minutes on the first one.


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