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Settle a debate…


We're usually pretty tough on just about anything owned by OPUBCO. That's why I'd like to give the folks at Look at OKC some credit and thank them for publishing this picture in a recent issue. I'd like to thank them not only because it is a great picture, but also because it started a great debate at my office.

You see, one of my coworkers* thinks that the first thing you notice when you look at the picture are the freaky colorful eyes of the three people being photographed (who allegedly are named Aubrey, Chad and Katy). I disagree with her and think you notice something a whole lot different and a whole lot more colorful.

To settle this debate, I figured I would ask for some assistance from the readers of The Lost Ogle. I think this is a good idea because:

a: The Lost Ogle sometimes values reader comments and opinion, especially on important issues like this one, and

b: Maybe somebody knows who this Chad bastard is so we can all go punch him on the face or steal his watch.

Anyway, let us know what you think in the comments. And once again, kudos to everyone at Look at OKC for publishing quality photographs. Now if you all can just stop publishing annoying pictures of my drunk ex-wife in every issue you'd be cool....really cool.

* This coworker is a heterosexual female. Maybe that explains some things.

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