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Ogle Madness! West Region, Upper Bracket


Today's games are from the top half of the West Regional. These games will all be played at the Thomas P. Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford. Here are the match-ups:

    • (1) Brad Henry vs. (16) Diffee Kids (Play In Winner)
    • (8) Eddie Sutton vs (9) Jamie Ceretta
    • (4) Jessica Schambach vs. (13) Andrew Gilman
    • (5) Mark Rodgers vs. (12) Toby Keith

You can check out the details of each match-up and cast your votes after the jump. Voting is allowed until midnight tonight. Check us out tomorrow for to vote for the the bottom half of the West Regional bracket.

(1) Brad Henry vs. (16)???? (Play In Winner)

About Brad Henry:

Conference: Potential Coburn Replacements

Who he is: Governor, Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Ability to convince Republicans to nominate incompetent, uninspiring candidates to run against him

Biggest Weakness: Punctuality, giving stirring speeches

Fun Fact: Some strange person wanted him to run for president in '08. This effort was about as effective as all of EZ Million's campaign's combined.


About The Diffee Kids:


Conference: Annoying Rich Pitchkids Conference

Who they are: If you're having a bad day, you can check out some of the Diffee Kids Commercials to make your day even worse. That should help.

Biggest Strength: Helping convince borderline suicidal people that their life really isn't worth living.

Biggest Weakness: Proper communication while in the huddle.

Fun Fact: Tony has crudely assembled collages of each Diffee kid hanging in his basement. Creepy.




8) Eddie Sutton vs (9) Jamie Ceretta

About Eddie Sutton:

Conference: Clark Matthews' Heroes

Who he is: Clark Matthews' Hero

Biggest Strength: At the point of resigning as Oklahoma State's head men's basketball coach, he had amassed 798 career victories using the philosophy of "Defense, Discipline, and Determination." Led Oklahoma State to two Final Four appearances.

Biggest Weakness: Avoiding alcohol

Fun Fact: Supposedly, he tended to scowl.


About Jamie Ceretta:


Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchor for the Fox News at 9

Biggest Strength: Lunges

Biggest Weakness: Accepting green St. Patrick's Day shots from total strangers

Fun Fact: Those shots are expensive!




(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (13) Andrew Gilman

About Jessica Schambach:


Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: 5pm and 10pm anchor for Channel 5

Biggest Strength: The ability to improve.

Biggest Weakness: Jessica is married. She is also a native Texan.

Fun Fact: Jessica volunteers at the Northside YMCA, raising money for the Strong Kids Campaign. She also enjoys taking boot camp, body sculpting and cycling classes there, too. To get a membership at the Northside YMCA, do what my perverted roommate just did and register online.


About Andrew Gilman:

andrew-gilman.gifConference: Sports Media of Oklahoma

Who he is: Former KREF host and Oklahoman writer. Current editor of the Central Oklahoma High School Sports the Magazine.

Biggest Strength: Becoming the first person in the local radio media who was desperate enough to have one of us appear on his radio show.

Biggest Weakness: Quitting that radio show (which forced us to rewrite his bio).

Fun Fact: Mr. Monday still thinks Andrew is Darnell Mayberry.




(5) Mark Rodgers vs. (12) Toby Keith

About Mark Rodgers:


Conference: Sports Media of Oklahoma

Who he is: Sports Animal Host and sports director for Channel 5.

Biggest Strength: Ranked number three on our countdown of the 12 hottest men in the OKC media.

Biggest Weakness: Dribbling.

Fun Fact: Mark's first gig in the Sports Animal was hosting a show called "Strictly Recruiting."


About Toby Keith:

Conference: Conservative Nutbags

Who he is: The Big Dog Daddy

Biggest Strength: Let us get back to you.

Biggest Weakness: Everything not mentioned in "Biggest Strength."

Fun Fact: Toby Keith once recorded an awful song including the lyrics, "We'll put a boot up your ass / It's the American way" and claimed a liberal conspiracy was behind him not being asked to perform it at a telethon designed to raise money for the victims.



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