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Ogle Madness: Midwest Region, Upper Bracket

12:00 AM EDT on March 12, 2008


Today's games are from the top half of the Midwest Regional. These games will all be played at the Marland Mansion in Ponca City. Here are the match-ups:

    • (1) Amy McRee vs. (16) Bob Mills Sweater Designer
    • (8) Rick and Brad vs. (9) Jack and Ron
    • (4) Mike Beckett vs. (13) Hinder
    • (5) Maggie Carlo vs. (12) Grace Hanadarko

You can check out the details of each match-up and cast your votes after the jump. Voting is allowed until midnight tonight. To view the complete bracket, click here. To view the results from yesterday, click here. And also, don't forget to stop tomorrow to vote for the lower half of the of the Midwest Regional bracket.

(1) Amy McRee vs. (16) Bob Mills Sweater Designer

About Amy McRee:

Conference: The Float the Illinois River League

Who she is: 10pm Anchorwomen for KWTV Channel 9

Biggest Strength: Her eyes...and friends.

Biggest Weakness: Lack of piercings.

Fun Fact: You will often find her emceeing local events around town or playing in charity golf tournaments.


About Bob Mills Sweater Designer:

Conference: Fashion Designers of OKC

Who he or she is: Honestly, we are not too sure.

Biggest Strength: Creating professional"“yet effortlessly casual"“sweaters for one of central Oklahoma's best furniture pitchmen.

Biggest Weakness: Cashmere.

Fun Fact: Some people claim that Bob Mill's Sweater Designer is actually Carey Murdock. Go Figure.




(8) Rick and Brad vs (9) Jack and Ron

About Rick and Brad:

Conference: LMDJ (Longtime Morning Disc Jockeys)

Who they are: Morning Show guys on the KATT

Biggest Strength: Longevity. We used to listen to these dudes in Junior High.

Biggest Weakness: Dean Blevins no longer does their sports report.

Fun Fact: We think one of them used to be on KLITE 102.


About Jack and Ron:

Conference: LMDJ (Longtime Morning Disc Jockeys)

Who they are: Oklahoma's self-proclaimed "Favorite Jackasses"

Biggest Strength: Ability to laugh at their own jokes

Biggest Weakness: Getting other people to laugh at their jokes

Fun Fact: Won seven straight Oklahoma Gazette "Best of OKC" awards for best radio personality. The voting came during the same era that George W. Bush was elected to the office of President twice. This was not a coincidence.




(4) Mike Beckett vs. (13) Hinder

About Mike Beckett:

Conference: Henry Hudson Brawlers

Who he is: "The Scrotal Assasin"

Biggest Strength: A powerful grip.

Biggest Weakness: Tolerance of University of Texas fans.

Fun Fact: Despite assumptions to the contrary, Beckett did not attend the University of Oklahoma. In fact, he did not go to college in Oklahoma at all, rather choosing to get his degree at a small school in Kansas. How he developed such an irrational hatred of UT fans is, therefore, a mystery we hope comes up at his trial.


About Hinder:

Conference: Nickelback Impostors

Who they are: Oklahoma's most popular talentless rock band.

Biggest Strength: The ability to inspire legions of 14 year old boys and girls to dig "alternative" rock. Also, great groupies stories.

Biggest Weakness: Talent (or lack of)

Fun Fact: Everyone in Oklahoma City knows somebody who knows someone in Hinder.




(5) Maggie Carlo vs. (12) Grace Hanadarko

About Maggie Carlo:

Conference: Hot TV Chicks

Who she is: One of the two hot 10pm anchorwomen on KOCO

Biggest Strength: Her "What Matters to You!" blog

Biggest Weakness: She forwards the love letters you write her to police detectives.

Fun Fact: She's pretty sure that drinking Diet Coke will give you cancer.


About Grace Hanadarko:

Conference: ASO (Awful Stereotyping of Oklahomans)

Who she is: A fictional character on the television show Saving Grace

Biggest Strength: Loose morals

Biggest Weakness: Ability to pass as someone from Oklahoma

Fun Fact: Grace converses with an angel who chews tobacco and has a brother whose obsession with the Murrah bombing makes Ted Kaczynski's obsession with the government look tame. In other words, she is just like everyone else in the 405.



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