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Ogle Madness: East Regional, Lower Bracket!


Today's games are from the lower portion half of the East Regional. These games will all be played at the U.S.S. Batfish War Memorial Park Museum in Muskogee. Here are the match-ups:

    • (6) Al Eschbach vs. (11) Tall Paul
    • (3) Chuck Norris vs (14)
    • (7) Jim Traber vs. (10) Jenni Carlson
    • (2) Sam Bradford vs. (15) Bryan Abrams

You can check out the details of each match-up and cast your votes after the jump. Voting is allowed until midnight tonight. To view the complete bracket, click here. To view the results from yesterday, click here.

p.s.- I have no clue what picture to post with these Ogle Madness posts, so I'll just post some totally unrelated ones that have been emailed to us in the past.

(6) Al Eschbach vs. (11) Tall Paul

About Al Eschbach:

Conference: Sports Animal

Who he is: Oddball Sports Talker

Biggest Strength: Getting first dibs at lobbing Bob Stoops a softball question

Biggest Weakness: Height. Annoying voice. Maintaining composure when people disagree with him. Staying on topic. Should we go on?

Fun Fact: Eschbach, who knows nothing about sports if it cannot be related to the Sooner program, somehow briefly left the Oklahoma City market to accept a job at a station in Kansas City.


About Tall Paul:

Conference: Retro Commercial League

What it is: The face of Paul Meade Insurance

Biggest Strength: Protecting all the things you own; like cars and trucks and mobile homes; Accidents and tickets, too; Call and (he'll) take care of you

Biggest Weakness: Remembering his phone number

Fun Fact: Clark Matthews has not seen one of these commercials on television since before he was of legal driving age, and he can still call Paul Meade Insurance. 524-1541, bitches!




(3) Chuck Norris vs (14)

About Chuck Norris:

Conference: Oklahoma Badass

Who he is: Chuck Norris

Biggest Strength: Extracting souls using his perfectly white teeth

Biggest Weakness: Campaign managing

Fun Fact: When the boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.





(7) Jim Traber vs. (10) Jenni Carlson

About Jim Traber:

Conference: The Sports Animal

Who he is: A fine individual, if he does say so himself

Biggest Strength: Ego

Biggest Weakness: Temper

Fun Fact: You might not know this, but Traber played in the big leagues before he became a Canadian TV star.


About Jenni Carlson:

Conference: Black Tower

Who she is: Touchy-feely sports columnist

Biggest Strength: Coming up with column ideas that sound like they would be interesting

Biggest Weakness: Actually writing interesting columns

Fun Fact: Carlson's attempts at writing a touchy-feely analysis of Bobby Reid's demotion at OSU came off as mean, and kind of racist, then (with the help of Mike Gundy) touched off a firestorm of controversy that led to Carlson showing off her Tequila collection on Good Morning America. Also, her favorite color is green.




(2) Sam Bradford vs. (15) Bryan Abrams

About Sam Bradford:

Conference: OU Quarterbacks (AKA the "People More Important Than Governors" Conference)

Who he is: The Most Popular Student At The University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Looking confused and throwing to receivers who are wide open

Biggest Weakness: Road Games

Fun Fact: His kidnapping was the main plot line in an installment of the Justice League of Oklahoma.


About Bryan Abrams:

Conference: Boy Bands of Greater Oklahoma City

Who he is: Lead singer of Color Me Badd

Biggest Strength: Wanting to "Sex You Up"

Biggest Weakness: Finding people willing to be sexed up

Fun Fact: Color Me Badd once released a "Best of..." album that actually had 12 songs on it. Who knew!?



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