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This Movie Is Certain To Win Many Oscars

Hey everyone, I found the next awesome movie. It's called "Beer For My Horses," which is apparently the name of a Toby Keith song. Anyway, Variety describes the movie this way:

The title comes from Keith's hit single, also features Rodney Carrington (also co-writer), Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson, Claire Forlani, Barry Corbin and Tom Skerritt.

Keith and Carrington play small-town deputies who embark on a wacky road trip to rescue their girlfriends from comically evil drug lords.

I don't know about everyone else, but when I hear a movie that involves the words "Toby Keith" and "wacky road trip," I think: Hollywood casting directors really know what they are doing.

This reminds me of the other new Oklahoma-related movies coming out this summer. One involves Al Eschbach as a badass former Navy Seal forced to stop an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell planning on blowing up the Empire State Building. The other is an indie flick starring Hinder as a struggling Emo band coming to terms with their homosexuality and deep love for each other.

It's all just another day in the brilliant minds that run our entertainment industry.

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