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“Ogle Madness” is coming…

2008 Ogle Madness

A few months ago at The Lost Ogle headquarters, Tony and Clark Matthews got into a heated discussion regarding who is Oklahoma's number one celebrity. Because of his godly status and ability to control the weather, Clark Matthews argued that Gary England should top the list. Tony, though, had a different opinion and figured Brad Henry should be the "Top Dawg" since he is the State's highest ranking elected official. I was too drunk and couldn't really give a coherent opinion, but I think I mentioned that it should be a hot chick.

Anyway, the argument was so heated that Clark Matthews threatened to release unpublished drafts of the Justice League of Oklahoma if we couldn't figure out answer very soon. Out of shear desperation, the idea for Ogle Madness was born the very next day!

Ogle Madness is our very own gimmicky spin-off of the NCAA March Madness tournament bracket. Basically, we took 65 of Oklahoma's best and brightest "celebrities," and seeded and placed them into four regions. Starting Monday, we will post match-ups and let our readers vote on which celeb they want to advance to the next round. The celeb with the most votes advances, while the loser is sent home. The tournament will continue until the championship game on April 21st, where Oklahoma's top celebrity will be crowned.

Ogle Madness will officially kick-off this Wednesday when we post the play-in game battle between The Diffee Kids and The Richardson's Homes Girl. The tournament will then start for real next Monday as we open up the voting for the upper half of the East regional.

So, will Amy McRee be able to advance through a tough Midwest Regional? Will Lauren Richardson and Jesse Jane make it through to an epic Sweet 16 battle? And who will be our Cinderella sleeper? Mr. Monday, Toby Keith or Tall Paul? The questions"“right now"“are endless. And it's up to you"“our reader"“to help answer them. So please, please, please remember to stop by each day and vote! We, and all the celeb's in the bracket, will appreciate it.

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