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Vote YES on March 4th! (Reason 14)

12:02 AM EST on February 26, 2008

Over at, they list roughly 12 reasons why we should all vote "YES!" on March 4th for Ford Center improvements. The list is pretty good, but it seems to be lacking some key points. At The Lost Ogle, we'll be adding our own important items to the list"¦important items that our civic leaders may have missed.

Here is reason number 14:

You (hopefully) don't share the same political views as Steven Hunt.

You see, Steven is the creator of, a website that's against the Ford Center tax. When Steven is not busy trying to get Oklahoma City to stay on par with Amarillo and Shreveport, he is posting pictures of Bob Barry Sr., Taj Grey and others holding a poster of Garret Morgan on his MySpace Page.

Yeah...this dude is just plain weird. He's even weirder than Clark Matthews and the Justice League of Oklahoma. Hell, you'd probably be better off getting political advice from BikerFox than from Steven. That's why you should do what Steve doesn't want you to do and vote YES! on March 4th.

(At first, that was all I was going to say about Steven. But then I noticed all the pictures of him with big breasted women on his MySpace page. Women like this one and this one and this one. I'm not sure if he slips them pills, or maybe they really like Garret Morgan, but I'm kind of curious how he pulled that off. Anyone have any ideas?)

(Update! Steve replaced his Bob Barry Sr. pic with a nude picture of his girlfriend. To do everyone a favor, we removed the linkage.)

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