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Bring Back the Birdman

Today is the first day that Chris "The Birdman" Andersen can officially apply for reinstatement to the National Basketball Association. The reason he gets to apply is because it's now been two years since he violated the NBA's drug policy for doing extacy or something.

For us former fans of the Oklahoma City Hornets, this gives us a chance to celebrate and remember the "charlie hustle energy player" that never really seemed to play with much energy or hustle. "Remember when" conversations are also due for people who:

    • enjoy ironic billboards
    • prefer prognosticative NBA marketing departments
    • like for NBA players to buy them drinks at Baker's Street
    • miss the fights at Baker's Street
    • deal drugs
    • Write sappy feature stories about professional basketball players who overcome long odds to reach the top but then tragically fall back down

Anyway, I hope The Birdman comes back to Oklahoma City and plays basketball with the Sonics.  Just for fun, I hope that Chris Paul, Tyson Chandler and Speedy Claxton's teeth come back, too.

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