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Breaking News: Bob Stoops played football at Purdue

9:54 AM EST on January 17, 2008

If you're like me, you always assumed that Bob Stoops played college football at the University of Iowa (just look at the tiny picture above). However"“in what has to be breaking news"“it appears that The Oklahoman has learned that Bob Stoops actually played for Purdue! 

From an article regarding the anticipated hiring of Jay Norvell as the Sooners replacement for Kevin Sumlin:

Oklahoma is expected to name Jay Norvell as wide receivers coach and co-offensive coordinator sometime this week, sources have confirmed.

Norvell, who was offensive coordinator at UCLA this past season, told the Lincoln (Neb.) Journal-Star on Wednesday that he has accepted the OU position...

Sooner coach Bob Stoops and Norvell have a connection that dates back to when they played together at Purdue in the early 1980s.

What's bizarre is that both Stoops and Norvell both claim on their resumes that they played college football at Iowa, but who are you going to trust?  Greedy, seedy college football coaches?  Or Oklahoma's trusted news leader, The Oklahoman

My money is with The Oklahoman.

However, I will admit that there is a slight possibility that the people in the dark tower simply made an ignorant, ridiculous and embarrassing error.  But, seriously, how could that happen when they employ and pay professional journalists, proofreaders, copy editors, assistant editors and, well, normal editors. 

It's impossible right?

Not really.  One thing I've learned over the past six months"“whether it's Cale Gundy's infamous rant towards Jenni Carlson or the way the Putnam City School District has handled the crazy situation regarding their district superintendent"“is that people and institutions do make mistakes.  Only some mistakes are a lot more embarrassing, and completly idiotic, than others.  

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