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By Tony

12:44 AM EST on January 9, 2008

Since the dawn of time, man has pondered the question, "Is KWTV or The Daily Oklahoman more responsible for the travesty that is" We finally have a verdict, and the anwer, not surprisingly, is the Oklahoman.

Channel 9 has split with and launched their own web site,, and it proves to be a far more user-friendly experience than the clunky, antiquated

Most exciting is the brand spankin' new News 9 Team page, where you can learn all new exciting facts about the journalists over at KWTV. For instance, did you know that Charles Bassett credits Oprah for inspiring him to get into journalism? Were you aware that Amanda Taylor collects miniature shoes? Click on over and find out what those crazy kids at Channel 9 are up to.

Still, isn't without it's hiccups. I went to watch their featured video, " offers user-friendly site," and was greeted with this message:

Alert: You are currently using an incompatible browser or an outdated version of Windows Media Player to access the video player on this site. Please read the troubleshooting tips below for more information.


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