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Justice League of Oklahoma (Episode 2.5)

Previously: Bob Stoops received a letter threatening to abduct his quarterback, Sam Bradford, during the week leading up to the Big XII championship. After seeking assistance of the Justice League, Gary England sent his merry band of Oklahoman Superheroes on the case. Wayne Coyne suggested that someone inside the Sooner program could be involved. Jason White was recruited to provide security for Bradford while Bryant Reeves and Lauren Richardson went to Stillwater where they eliminated Mike Gundy and Boone Pickens as suspects. Later, they had an eerie encounter with TheLostOgle's Clark Matthews. Unaware of the Justice League, Amy McRee began researching a tip she had received that Bradford was in danger. Gary put out an APB on Robert Allen when he evaded questioning from the League.

Location: Storm Chasers' Lair

After exhaustive research in and around Norman, Wayne Coyne returns to the lair empty handed. "Sorry boss," he says to Gary England, "but I might have headed down a dead end. My primary suspect was Jamelle Hollieway. I just thought, maybe, he was a little jealous that Bradford approaching the freshman passing touchdowns record for the NCAA might threaten his standing as the greatest freshman quarterback in Sooner history."

"I could see that," England reassures him.

"The thing is, Hollieway was so excited that I even mentioned the words 'greatest freshman quarterback in Sooner history' and his name in the same sentence that I came to the conclusion he liked Bradford's exploits for personal reason. It reminded everyone that Hollieway led the Sooners to a championship his freshman year, and now that the chances of that happening this year, he has no motive to harm Sam."

"So, it's still possible he was behind the sabotaging of Sam's helmet in the Texas Tech game?"

"I suppose, but I was really just interested in the current threat."

"Good point. Who else did you consider?"

"Obviously, Brian Bosworth. It was apparent to me that he feels his standing as whistle blower has been usurped by Jose Canseco. People hardly remember that Bosworth had The Boz ghost written to expose the Sooners back in the late-eighties. After talking to the man, however, I'm fairly convinced that he's too stupid to pull off a scheme like this."

"Anything else to report?"

"Not really, the Sooner Nation really loves Bradford. I didn't even need to play Do You Realize to get them mesmerized enough to get the truth out of them. All I had to do was mention his name and they went ga-gah."

At this point, Val Castor enters the lair. He apologizes for interrupting, but Gary can see the look of fear in the man's eyes. "Have you seen Amy recently?" the storm chaser asks. "Even Kelly can't find her."


Location: Oklahoma State Practice Field

"There he is," Smokin' Joe Burton says while pointing at a behemoth dressed in all orange. "Should we apprehend him."

Doug Sauter thinks it over and responds. "Not yet, too many witnesses and our orders are to do this under the radar."

Just as he says this, Robert Allen begins walking away from the field toward Gallagher-Iba arena. "Must be snack time," Sauter suggests, "let's intercept him before he makes it to the vending area."


Location: Storm Chasers' Lair

"This is bad," Gary bemoans.

"Real bad," agrees Wayne.

"Very bad," adds Val, not wanting to be left out. "Why would anyone go after Amy? She's not one of us."

"I know exactly why," says Gary, "she was sniffing around this Bradford thing, and she wasn't doing it discreetly. I'd bet a Friday night out on the big town that if we find her, we'll find our conspirators."

Wayne, gently strumming his guitar, wonders aloud, "how did she even know enough to start investigating?"

"Had to be Blevins," Gary assures, "he intercepted the faxed copy of the letter Stoops got. Dean was sure that the fax was for him, and wouldn't give it back to Val until Val blocked Dean from the bathroom. Luckily, Dean's bladder is so small that he didn't have time to read the whole thing, but apparently he learned enough to get Amy's tail feathers in a twitter."

Wayne's interest is piqued. "We have a copy of the letter?"

"Yeah, Rip, Tutti, and Curly are going over it, trying to decide if there are any clues hidden."

"I'd like to take a look at that," Coyne says, "you might remember I'm pretty good with cryptic have listened to the Flaming Lips, right?"

Just then, Val's gentner vibrates to designate he has a text message. With a sigh of relief, he announces. "I think we're going to be alright guys, Coach and Smokin' Joe just apprehended Robert Allen."



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