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Sports Radio Fall Semester Final Exam

6:15 AM EST on December 13, 2007

It's finals week all over the state, so we figured it's only appropriate to issue our local sports radio final exam. What have you learned this semester? Let's find out in this 12 question quiz. There will be no re-takes, be sure to show your work, and good luck.

1. In which place has Al Eschbach least likely to have stepped foot?

A. Costa Rica
B. Dubai
C. Russia
D. Gallagher-Iba Arena during a game OU is not playing

2. Our prompter, Matt Meyer, will read out a list of games remaining on a hypothetical team's schedule. Your task is to correctly yell out "That's a win!" or "That's a loss!" for each game.

3. If you see Bob Barry Jr. on the street, what is the correct way to greet him?

A. "Hey BBJ, how's it going?"
B. "Bobby, you really look great these days!"
C. "How 'bout those Sox, BBJ?"
D. "I'd like to take a golfer."

4. Craig Humphreys : A College Football Playoff System :: _____________ : Radishes and Beer

5. This is a list of 4 regular guests on the Sports Animal. Place them in order of least-obnoxious to most-obnoxious. To help you out, we've already filled in one spot.

Andy Dillard
Doug Gottlieb
Berry Tramel
The Fat Jack

4. The Fat Jack

6. Match each radio personality with the appropriate nickname.

Jim Traber
Jack Mildren
Craig Humphreys
James Hale

A. The Godfather of the Wishbone
B. The Hump-man
C. The Ultimate
D. The Amish Gangster

7. An admittedly extremely small handful of fans have stupidly been criticizing the defensive coordinator of a local university. Do you?

A. Ignore them
B. Briefly criticize them the Monday following the game
C. Spend the entire week hammering the subject into the ground

8. How best would you describe "The Home Stretch" with Dave Garrett and Jenni Carlson?

A. The most female-friendly show in the market.
B. Dave Garrett and Jenni Carlson have a radio show?
C. No, seriously. Dave Garrett and Jenni Carlson have a radio show?
D. 3/4 of it is inaccurate. It's fiction.

9. Three part question.

How many local sports radio personalities can you name? ________
How many United States Representatives can you name? ________
How does this make you feel? ___________

10. ESSAY: You have been asked to help start a new radio station. Management has asked your advice as to who the first hire should be. They've narrowed the choices to James the Marvel, Big Voice Guy, and Scissorhands. Who do you choose, and why?

11. And hey, whatever happened to Mobile Dave? Remember him?

12. The following events were varying degrees of awesome. Rate each on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being The Onion (very awesome) and 1 being The Lost Ogle (not at all awesome. Kind of pathetic, actually).

A. The Houston Fiasco
B. Random anonymous caller breaks story of Bob Simmons' kidney transplant
C. Jim Traber/Billy Brown argument (You're giving me your facts!)
D. Dean the Stream
E. Berry Tramel/Jim Traber 30-minute Chris Collins argument

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