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Justice League of Oklahoma (Part V)

Previously: The Justice League learned a machine that can control the weather had come under the hands of a rogue. Doug Sauter, Joe Burton, Val Castor, and Lauren Richardson saved Greer, Oklahoma. Lauren was chastised by Gary England for disobeying orders, wooed by Mike Morgan to leave the Justice League, and later defended Morgan when Gary accused him of being the rogue. It was revealed that Gary was the inventor of the machine. Gary confronted Morgan, but found him to be innocent and learned that Lauren had faith that Gary was not behind the weather abnormality. Meanwhile, the Storm Chaser lair was infiltrated by ninjas who were corralled by Wayne Coyne. Their identity was a shock. And now, the final chapter...


Location: Storm Chasers Lair

Gary England has assembled the Justice League. This time they appear in person. He is briefing them on the most recent events including the identity of the ninjas.

"All of them?" a puzzled Bryant "Big Country" Reeves inquires.

"Every single one," Gary reassures him.

"You think it's significant that they all have red hair?" asks Doug Sauter.

"I can't understand you through that mustache," replies Gary.

"What is the significance of the red hair," Joe Burton translates for him.

Gary thinks a moment, "I'm not sure. And I'm not sure why the only thing we can get them to say is 'Red Power' or 'Better red than dead.'"

Lauren has an idea, "it sounds like a pop culture reference."

Wayne Coyne interjects at this point. "You know who we need to consult then?"

"Val! Get Patrick Nelson on the Gentner," orders Gary.

A monitor rises from the floor. On the screen is Patrick Neslon, founder of Patrick is kneeling.

"Patrick, this is Gary England..."

"I am fully aware of this your highness."

"That's enough of that. Seriously, stand up. I command you to stand up."

Patrick rises. "Is that Lauren Richardson back there?"

"Hi Patrick."

"You know I'm single, right?"

"I'm not."

"Pat, we need you to focus," an agitated Gary England finally manages to get out. "The safety of Oklahoma could be at stake. I can't give you all the details, of course, but we need to know if a bunch of carrot topped ninjas reciting 'Red Power' means anything to you."

"I don't know about the ninja thing, but the rest is directly from a South Park episode titled 'Ginger Kids'."

"Is that the show with the little kids who say things like 'Cowabunga' and 'Eat my shorts'?" asks Gary.

"No, that's The Simpsons...and I don't think Bart has said either of those things since Season 3."

"I guess it doesn't matter. What happens in this episode?"

"Well, Cartman, the fat kid, gives a class report on the danger of red headed children, or 'ginger kids'. It's kind of biggoted, so Kyle, the Jewish character, dies Cartmen's hair red while he sleeps and paints freckles on his face. They tell him he must have 'gingervitus'."

"'Gingervitus', that's funny," Big Country says through a laughing fit. 

"Anyway, Cartmen assembles all the red headed children in South Park into an army like the Third Reich..."

"Thanks, Patrick," Gary says cutting him off, "I think we've got what we need."


Location: Just outside the Storm Tracker headquarters

The League assembles in the KOCO parking lot. It is determined that Wayne's method of opening the door will ruin the element of surprise. The alternate plan is for Doug to chew the door open. The next step is tougher to decide.

Wayne: We could really use The White Lantern right about now.

Gary: No doubt. Rip and Tudi invited him to a tryout, and next thing I know he's announcing his retirment. Now he's going to comic book signings claiming to be a former superhero.

Wayne: Then, we'll need another way to incapacitate these guys.

Gary: You ready for the big leagues Richardson?

Lauren: Absolutely.

Gary makes the assignments and the League ascends upon the Storm Tracker headquarters only to find the door wide open, and Rick Mitchell tied up and gagged. Coach Sauter ambles over to remove the gag.

Rick: I didn't know a thing, Gary. I swear!

Gary: What happened here?

Rick: Tuttle. Aaron Tuttle was supposed to be working on a project to improve our storm tracking technology. He said he could come up with something that would make Doppler 9000 look as useful as a pet rock. Next thing I know, he's brought in a bunch of guys he went to school with at A&M. Strange thing is they all had red hair. They were awfully secretive working in that back room. So, today I went in to check on their progress, and the A&M guys pull out their rifles on me.

Gary: You know they are only issued cap guns, right?

Rick: That's information I could have used about an hour ago.  They tied me up, and took off with the machine. I don't know what it was, but it certainly didn't appear to be a radar of any kind. He said they were going to "do some damage" up in Tulsa, then he started rambling about creating an Oklahoma civil war that would leave an opening for his "Ginger Party" to seize control. Whatever that means. I really didn't pay much attention. That OSU/Nebraska game has really been weighing on my mind.

Gary: He's trying to frame me for destroying Tulsa. So they are an hour ahead of us? That means it's up to you and me, Val.

Rick: If you see Aaron, tell him he's fired.


Location: Val's Storm Chaser van

In the five minutes it takes Val to travel the Turner Turnpike from OKC to Tulsa, he and Gary attempt to determine where Aaron Tuttle has taken the weather machine.

"If he wants to cause some serious damage," says Gary, "something above an F-3, he'll need to get to the highest point in the city. That's actually one of the reasons the machine was so limited. Who wants to attend to the machine? I've trained everyone that they want to be as low as possible in the case of severe weather."

"You sure have, Gary," replies Val helpfully. "Maybe he figured out a way to control it remotely."

"I hope not, but either way, let's head to the BOK Tower."


Location: BOK Tower Lobby--Tulsa, OK

Val and Gary run through the revolving doors and hit the "up" button at the elevator. When the elevator arrives, the door opens to reveal a battalion of red-headed Texas A&M cadets. They surround Aaron Tuttle.

Gary: Come on out Tuttle, it's Friday night in the big town.

Tuttle: Actually, it's Monday, but if you don't find shelter now, it might be your last day.

Gary: How?

Tuttle: I added a timer. It will start the vortex in approximately three minutes.

Gary: I can't let you go through with this Aaron. That machine should not exist.

Tuttle: Yes, I'm fully aware that you were too chicken to use it, Gary, but if you didn't want it used, you should have destroyed the blueprints. Now if you don't mind getting out of my way, the ginger revolution cannot be stopped. Boys! Fire at will.

The sound of gunfire fills the lobby. When the smoke clears, Gary and Val still stand in the path of the rogue meteorologist.

Tuttle: That was supposed to scare you off.

Gary: Try using real soldiers, then. Oh and Aaron, you were wrong about me being afraid of using the machine.

Lightning bolts come out of Gary's fingertips. Tuttle, and his crew of toy soldiers, writhe on the ground as if they have been hit with a taser.

Gary: I just thought it might be more useful in the form of a microchip implanted in my brain.

Val: Good job Gary, but we only have about a minute to get to the machine. Ranger 9 is still twenty minutes away. Maybe our time would be better spent getting to the basement.

Gary: I can't let this happen.

Val: There isn't enough space for me to counteract the tornado by running in circles, and you creating enough gale force wind to knock it off the tower might do just as much damage.

Gary: I've got it. He said, he used my blueprints which called for electricity to come through an AC power cord. That means...

Gary shoots a lightning bolt into an electricity outlet. The lights in the tower go off. A minute passes and nothing happens.


Location: Storm Chasers Lair

"As I've come to expect from this group, great effort was shown by everyone, and Oklahoma is once again safe," Gary says addressing the Justice League of Oklahoma videoconference. "Special mention needs to be made of Lauren Richardson who took initiative that saved two of our members and reminded me that this is a team effort. She will play a larger role as our missions continue."

"Thank you, Gary," says Lauren fighting back tears.

"Don't mention it. You deserve it. Alright everyone. No reason to rest on our laurels, everyone. There is no telling what is in store for us tomorrow. You know the drill, stay with TV-9, we'll keep you advised."


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