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Justice League of Oklahoma (Part IV)

12:01 AM EST on November 13, 2007

Previously: The League saved Greer, OK. Gary England chewed out Lauren Richardson for disobeying orders. Mike Morgan attempted to lure Richardson to the 4Warn team. Gary told Wayne Coyne he believed Morgan was behind the weather in Greer. Lauren defended Morgan. After she left, Gary revealed that he was unsure he could trust her with the knowledge that he invented the weather machine.


Location: Storm Chasers Lair

After Gary's big reveal, Val Castor enters the room.

"Gary, you need to see this," says Val as he flips the monitor over to taped surveillance footage. "This was taken after you dismissed Doug, Joe, and Lauren earlier."

The video is grainy, but you can see Lauren getting into a Lexus instead of her own car.

Val asks, "Do you recognize that car?"

"Absoultely," says Gary. Turning to Wayne Coyne, "why do you think he'd try to tamper with one of our heroes?"

"It doesn't look good, that's for sure. It might explain why she was so adament that it wasn't Mike. Trying to throw us off the scent, perhaps."

"Val, hold down the fort, me and Wayne have a score to settle."


Location: Outside of the 4Warn Storm Team Headquarters

Gary and Wayne approach the door and find it securely shut. Wayne dispatches of the lock by playing a chord on his guitar. As they enter, the place is almost completely dark. Only one monitor is on. It plays footage of Mike Morgan from ten years ago. A shadowy figure watches from an Aeron chair in front. Upon hearing Gary and Wayne's footsteps, the man races to the corner."Please don't turn on the lights?" he shreiks.

Gary: Is that you Morgan?

Mike Morgan: Yes, just please don't turn on the lights.

(Wayne finds the light switch.)

Wayne: My god, man! What happened to your...

Morgan: My hair! My hair! You can see my hair!

(Morgan collapses into tears. As Wayne approaches him, the theme song from Twister begins emanating from Gary's pant pocket.)

Gary: It's Val on the Gentner. Talk to me, Val.

Val: (from the telephone's video screen) We've got a situation here at the lair. (Behind him, you can see ninjas in black garb in combat with the other Storm Chasers.)

Gary: Looks like you've got your hands full. I'm going to send Wayne back your way. Morgan's alone, I can handle him on my own.

(Without prompting, Wayne turns around and exits.)

Gary: First things first, what's the deal with your hair?

Morgan: The weather is too hot. I-I guaranteed the high would be within 4 degrees of 81 and now our tools are suggesting it could get up to 86 tomorrow.

Gary: So?

Morgan: If I predict too cold, I use extra hair spray so that the CFC's allow more solar rays in. When I go too hot, though, I have to cut back.

Gary: That's a shame, but does that mean you don't have a weather machine?

Morgan: Me? A weather machine? You're the inventor, I thought you had it. I was going to send a pirate brigade to destroy it, but Grant Johnston lectured me about "turning the other cheek."

Gary: Is that why you approached L.R.?

Morgan: Sort of...I mainly just wanted her to replace Linda Cavanaugh. You might not have noticed, but Lauren is a lot hotter. But yeah, I wanted her to be a mole in your organization, but she turned me down. She told me that even if you were the inventor of the machine, you'd never use it for evil. She has a lot more faith in you than I do.

Gary: Well sorry about the door.

Morgan: Don't worry about it. Would you mind turning the light off when you go?


Location: Back at the Lair

Gary returns and the sounds of "She Don't Use Jelly" blast from Wayne Coyne in his giant plastic bubble. The ninjas stare, transfixed, leaning to the music while the Storm Chasers tie each one up individually. Once finished, Val removes the ninja masks.

Audible gasps fill the room.



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